Doors, Frames and Screens


Winston Joinery offer a wide range of bespoke doors in different types of hardwoods. These framed doors can be as simple as purpose made glazed, framed ledged and braced or louvered doors to high specification panelled and moulded or raised and fielded doors. Many of these products are for use in conservation or high end projects. Winston Joinery can also offer a wide range of plywood, veneered or laminated products with associated fire or acoustic ratings to any size or design.


In conjunction with these doors we manufacture all types of frame, screen and architrave sections and can if necessary offer pre-hung door-sets with ironmongery fitted at works.

The company’s doorsets are available to suit every budget and a wide range of site applications.


Winston Joinery can also offer all types of screens and associated joinery from high end acoustic and fire requirements to basic non acoustic non fire rated screens. Our screens can be supplied up to 55dB rated where required.

The company’s extensive knowledge of joinery and glass combine to offer the most cost effective solutions in order to combine an aesthetic appearance with acoustic and fire requirements.

Take a look at our gallery to see all our completed works

Door cores

Unlike many doorset suppliers, Winston Joinery does not restrict itself to supplying doors on a single core type. The company’s experience of supplying thousands of doorsets to differing sectors of the industry means that it can offer our client a choice of door cores in order to meet their budget and to suit the needs of the end user.

Winston therefore offer (but are not limited to) the following flush door ranges:

  • Standard Flush Door Range
  • Bespoke Flush Door Range
  • Acoustic Doorsets
  • Encapsulated Doorsets
  • Fire Rated Doorsets

All the cores used have been extensively tested for acoustic, fire and durability rating. Test evidence on all door core types is readily available and Winston Joinery also offer a wide range of bespoke doors such as louvred doors, X-ray doorsets and glazed timber doors and raised and fielded panelled doors.


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